I’ll struggle with storm

Let’s fight with the fierce storms that come in life and win at any cost with the inspirations of http://www.keyofallsecret.com

I must get down into the booming sea,
I’ll have to bear the wrath of the raging waves,
I’ll have to defend myself from the prickly winds that sre sharp like knife,
I have to defend my ship that is shattering like a straw,
I can’t see myself as a loser…any how
I’ve to win by battling,
those golden moments in life will come again,
When the blue sea will calm down,
The sun’s rays would be spreading a golden halo over the waves,
my little ship will float again on the huge chest of calm waves,
The gusts of cool wind will return again to sing the lullaby to me,
I’ll take sound sleep again to have sweet dreams.

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