Come, dream with your eyes awake and start making them come true from today itself…

I saw different types of dreams while sleeping at nights
Someone was sour
Someone was sweet
Someone was bitter
Someone was astringent
Someone was toxic
Someone was annoying
Happiness in someone
Bemoaning in someone
Helplessness in someone
Found in someone
Lost in someone
Someone was meaningless
Someone with amazing beaty
Someone with horrible scenes
Saw an angel in someone
Saw messenger of
death in someone
All the dreams I have seen
while sleeping till today
are all illusions of the mind
Only those dreams come true
what you see with
your awake eyes
Accept all challenges
to fulfill your dreams
Don’t give up till the end
Darkness will disappear surely
And then everyone
will appreciate you.

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Truth – only Truth

If you think carefully, everything in this world is false…because when life is not true, then what else will be true. Only Almighty God, which is sitting within us, is true

This world is illusion only,
All you want will be lost,
All you want will be snached,
All you want will be robbed,
Lie is spread everywhere,
Whatever we believe that is to be the true – that’s all lie,
Like when a balloon explodes –
the air leaves in an instant,
Everything is illusion only – not truth
The truth is hidden only
within ourselves,
Leave outside – peep inside,
The truth is shining in heart as gem.

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“बड़े बोल”(Spiel)

अपनी ओर से बातें जोड़कर मूल बात का स्वरूप कितना ही बदलने का प्रयत्न क्यों न किया जाए, वह दमहीन ही रहता है और सच बात का स्वरूप सर्वथा सत्य ही बना रहता है।
No matter how much we try to change the nature of the original matter by adding things on our behalf, it remains powerless and the nature of the truth remains completely true.

कुछ पढ़ा
कुछ गढ़ा,
कुछ था सच
कुछ मढ़ा,
कुछ था जुड़ा
कुछ जड़ा,
पर था फीका
रसहीन रहा,
जो उपरंत जुड़ा
दमहीन रहा,
जो था मिथ्या
वह गया बिखर,
बिन सोचे समझे
बिन जाने,
बिन निज अनुभव के
वह तेजहीन ही
बना रहा,
था जो मूल
वह बचा रहा,
और अनंत काल तक
अमर रहा।

Please share as much as. Regards, Jasvinder Singh